Patient: 75 years old
Date: 27 July 2023, First visit
Main Issue: Coughing for 40 years, but getting worse for past one month.

The patient sit on the chair and start coughing, sound liked severe hacking cough followed by an intake of heavy breath. The symptoms showed that the phlegm is hardly removed from the lung as sticking hard on the respiratory tract.

Her daughter told me: “My mom had been coughing for years, we are used to hear her whooping cough but stranger may get shocked.”

“I see. Hi Aunty, how long had you been coughing?”

“40 years.”

“What??” I thought my ear had been opened, I believed my eyes were as big as the bell.

“Ha ha! True, after I given birth my younger son, I started to cough non-stopping.”

About a month ago, the patient attacked by Covid 19, after recovering from the attack, the coughing getting worse till today.

She expelled whitish phlegm with frothy mucus which seemed very sticky. She used full force to spit the phlegm in the night hence affecting the quality of sleep.

“Do you have good appetite?”

“I kept coughing, hence I have lost my appetite and my weight has kept losing recently.”

After the diagnosis session, we started to prescribe Chinese medicine for her as well as doing the patching of ‘San Fu Tie’, this was an alternative way to boost up the energy Yang in the body.

July 31 second visit:

“Hi TCM Practitioner, after consuming the Chinese medicine, I managed to sleep well until the next morning due to the reducing cough. I feel much comfortable.”

“As for the patching of ‘San Fu Tie’, I feel body warming up and started to have mild sweat. I did not sweat since long time ago but this time, the changes made me feel good.”

“One of the great outcome is I could easily spit the phlegm.”

After medication, the patient felt vibrant and willing to move around and do some mild exercises to relax the joint pain.

She continued the medication treatment.

Analysis of the case study:

Sickness History: 5 years ago, in the year of 2018, the patient admitted hospital for seven months due to tuberculosis disease. She was also a high blood pressure and diabetic patient, taking medicines for 7-8 years.

Throughout the coughing history in the past 40 years and having other chronic diseases, we categorized the cough as miserable cough. This cough has getting worse especially during cool season such as raining season or end of the year when monsoon season changed. Sometimes the cough comes with some moderate asthma symptom.

Base on the analysis, due to the aging factor as well as cold weather factor, her body was considered as cold and weak type. This has allowed the cough haunted her for 40 years with repeated occurrence. The impact resulting an exhausting and fatigue situations which affecting her emotion and appetite.

Every night, the patient has to force herself hardly to cough out loud, soothing the flow of air in the lung out. Indirectly, the heavy cough had influenced her sleeping quality.

This year the patient is 75 year old, due to the aging factor, she is having chronic disease as well such as frequent urination at night and joint ache.

In the theory of TCM, we believed that when the body turned cold, it will be affecting the lung. We had prescribed medicine to fine tune her body to sustain the functionality of the lung. Concurrently, we given her ‘San Fu Tie’ treatment to boost up the energy ‘Yang’ in the body.

During second visit, the patient had feedback to us that the coughing has reduced much. She can now sleep until the next morning due to the cut down of coughing.

Her appetite came back and now she has the desire to eat more. As she has good sound sleep, she felt vibrant and willing to move around and do some mild exercises to relax the joint pain.

In additional, she felt the perspiration process improved as she could has a mild sweat after the patching of ‘San Fu Tie’.

Tips for taking care of cough:

1. Dietary Control.

We emphasize on not consuming icy drinks. Any cold food or cold drinks which stored in the fridge such as salad, ice-cream, icy fruits, milk, and yogurt are not allowed to consume during cough. Sweet taste food such as cake and desserts also not advisable to intake as long as still having the cough.

2. San Fu Tie Patching.

We highly recommend patient to do San Fu Tie Patching during noon time such as 11am-1pm because the sun is hot during these period.

We suggest few acupuncture points for the patching treatment: BL13: Feishu, CV10: Xiawan and KI1: Yongquan.

BL13: Feishu treats cough

CV10: Xiawan treats digestive issues

KI1: Yongquan treats cold hands and cold feets

3. Sleeping Quality Control.

The patient has a frequent cough in the night hours, when we fixed the cough issue, she could sleep well. Hence, her sleep quality improved indirectly.

4. Regular Exercise.

We always encourage patient to move around at outdoor to get sunshine, if get perspiration meaning the blood and Qi circulation is flowing smooth. Our muscle and joint pain will recover gradually. For aging folks, we advise them to do simple exercises such as Tai Ji, Ba Duan Jing (Qi Gong) and strolling in the park.

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