Kesihatan anda, dijagai kami

Adakah anda tidak pasti dengan keadaan sendiri?
Atau tidak tahu perlu mencari siapa?
Ada sebarang pertanyaan,
kami akan merekomenkan TCM Practitioner yang bersesuaian.


Kelayakan profesional yang diikhtiraf

TCM Practitioner kami mempunyai kelayakan profesional yang diikhtiraf dan didaftarkan di bawah tradisional dan komplementari perubatan Malaysia.

Profesional dan staff yang peramah

Kami menitik berat dan membiarkan anda berasa seperti di rumah.

Perubatan Cina berkualiti dan di bawah kawalan ketat

Serbuk Perubatan Cina kami selain mudah dikonsum, juga didaftar oleh Majlis Perubatan Tradisional dan Komplementari. Selamat, berkesan dan kualiti dijamin.

Perkhidmatan temu janji

Kami menawarkan perkhidmatan temu janji, memberikan pelanggan jadual masa yang lebih tepat untuk mengelakkan masa tunggu yang terlalu panjang.

Hormat dan sayangkan warga tua, diskaun untuk warga emas

Warga emas yang berumur 60 ke atas dapat menikmati 10 % diskaun perubatan dan rawatan.

Menghormati privasi dan menyimpan rahsia dengan ketat

Kami menyimpan rahsia tentang privasi kesihatan pesakit dan tidak mendedahkan maklumat kepada pihak ketiga dan mana-mana organisasi.

Google Review

Saya telah berjumpa Dr. Liau dengan masalah kulit merah bengkak di bahagian kaki dn badan saya. Dr. Liau sangat teliti dan semak situasi saya dengan cermat. Cara perubatan Dr. Liau sangat membantu dalam melegakan kegatalan dan kemerahan kulit saya.


Ankle was out of place for many years. Dr Gan fixed it back. I literally heard a pop and the problem was gone. So I come back whenever I faced another problem. Up to date he fixed my other ankle, my left hip joint and now my right hip, with continual treatment for neck ongoing.
Yea I have many problems due to old injuries and work desk posture but thankfully I can come here to get stuff fixed. 😅


Excellent services by Dr Chong and the reception staff. Dr Chong is patient, thorough and reassuring. I came to treat a frozen shoulder and knee pain. He provided a thorough examination, listened closely and provided clear explanation before and after treatment. His combination of tuina, heat therapy and accupuncture helped my recovery. He also gave good aftercare instructions for home physio exercises. The fees for treatment, medicine and heat plasters are reasonable and worthwhile. The clinic is spotlessly clean. Overall, I had a very pleasant and comfortable experience here. Certainly recommended.


I was treated by Dr Chung for neck sprain and digestive system, her treatment and medication did improved my condition and I feel confident from her treatment. She is a helpful by giving a lot of suggestions and really appreciated. Im would recommend to my friends who are looking for TCM.


Calm & serene environment, great customer service, there’s water/tea available while waiting. Dr Ooi is very gentle, friendly and knowledgeable. Would come again for treatment 🙂


I am very happy with Dr Ong services.😊
Dr Ong even taught me a few exercises for my sore back.😊
Dr Ong really took her time to explain to me the don’ts for my sore back despite closing.😊
Even at the reception, during taking of my medicine, she explained to me very good.😊
The place is very clean.😊


Found this new TCM at Kota Kemuning and thought of giving a try as age catching up and to take own body. Met Dr. Ooi, he is patient and explain clearly to all my questions. Today is my follow up and this TCM gave me a very modern feeling. The staff all very polite and nice.


I was assigned to Dr. Liau. She is extremely patient, very detailed and caring. My eczema symptoms had improved as well as my nose sensitivity. Location is easy to find and parking is convenient. Thank you Dr. LIAU.




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