Patient: 41 years old
Date: 16 July 2023, first visit
Main complaint: Left heel pain for 1 week

I learned from patient because of the busy life recently, the patient walks more and drink more cold drinks recently then found that her heels started to pain on this week.When she stepped on the floor in the morning, her heels feel pain. As time passed, the symptoms began to become worsen, so she came for treatment.


During the examination, when pressing the affected area-bottom of left heel slightly harder, the patient feels pain. This pain is an obvious refusal to press, accompanied by tingling sensation.

The muscles near the heel and calf were palpated, that area is obviously tight.

After basic diagnosis, it is due to heel fascia strain.

After a preliminary examination and diagnosis, patient was asked to the treatment room and lay down on the treatment bed for treatment.


Try to prevent pressing the painful part during the treatment. Because if keep pressing or Tuina on these parts, it will be more likely to aggravate the pain of the affected part.

After combination of Tuina and acupuncture, the patient is asked to get up and try to walk around. “Patient feels more relief on heel and calf area when walking, the patient also feel a lot better.”

“Because I did treatment on the affected heel fascia and the muscles around the calf, now you will feel less pain when you walk, but it will take a few days of self-cultivation, try to slow down your walking pace. Reduce the habit of drinking cold drinks.”

“I’ll prescribe some traditional Chinese medicine for you. Other than regulating your body, it will also help with blood circulation of the affected area meridians. I will also give external medicine patches to apply that help strengthen the affected area.”

Before the patient left, I told her again: “Cultivating the habit of wearing slippers at home can keep the heels warm and blood circulation, remember to take and apply medicine on time, the pain will be a lot relieved afterwards.”

Follow-up visit: July 21, 2023

After 5 days, the patient came back for further consultation.

After 5 days of taking Chinese medicine and external application, the patient mentioned that the symptoms of heel pain changed from tingling pain to tight soreness, the pain when stepping on the floor in the morning had been relieved too.

When I checked on the patient’s heel, the heel was painful even when I slightly press softly. Now when pressing harder, the pain is much relieved and the local muscles is not so tight.

This time, through Tuina and acupuncture treatment, the heel and calf muscles can be strengthened, tendons are relaxed and helped in blood circulation.

After treatment, the patient felt more relaxed around heels and calf area and walk without pain.

“Based on your condition, you need to consolidate the curative effect. I will prescribe traditional Chinese medicine and external medicine patches for you to continue with.”

【Heel pain relief tips】

1. Touch the injured part and feel the local skin temperature. If the part feels hot and more painful when touched, use ice pack for 10-15 minutes, this can relieve local inflammation and pain.

2. Conversely, when we touch the injured part and feel the local skin temperature is normal and feels very tight, use hot pack for 10-15 minutes, the temperature is recommended not to exceed 45°C to avoid burns. Hot compresses can relax tense muscles and help local blood circulation.

3. It is recommended to develop habit of wearing slippers at home. Because the floor is cold, if the feet directly contacted the floor for a long time, the blood circulation will be affected and easily induce heel pain.

4. It is recommended to walk around more for 30-45 minutes to strengthen the muscle and blood circulation of calf and heel.

4. If heel pain persists and not getting better, please contact a TCM Practitioner who can handle with muscle injuries for examination and treatment not to delay the treatment time.

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