Patient: 55 years old
Date: 23 August 2023, First visit
Main problem: right knee pain for 2 days

I learned from the patient that she was having pain in her right knee joint after getting massage from a masseur who pressed to hard a day before yesterday, Now she can’t even walk, she needs support from crutches to help her walk. Walking is very painful and knee joint is also very swollen, so she came for treatment.


Before the diagnosis, the patient was invited to the treatment room for preliminary examination and diagnosis.

During the diagnosis process, other than obvious swelling of knee joint, there is a feeling of severe heat and swelling when the hand touches the skin area of knee joint, even slightest touch of the affected area cause pain, this pain is persistent pain accompanied by tingling sensation.

The basic diagnosis is that the knee ligament is injured and is still in the stage of inflammation.


Try to avoid pressing on inflamed areas. The pain on inflamed part is easily aggravated if the part keeps on receiving pressure.

After Tuina therapy and acupuncture, swelling reduced and the affected area was immediately bandaged with medication to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

The patient gets up from bed and walk out of the treatment room. “The patient feels more relieved, but still feels pain when walking.”

“This is normal, because it is still inflamed and walking needs support from knee joint. I adjusted the patient’s walking posture so the pain will be more relieved when walking later. But still, rest is needed around 2-3 days.”

“I will prescribe some Chinese medicine for you to consume, it helps to improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles and ligament. I will also prescribe you external patches to help reduce inflammation and help blood circulation around inflamed areas.”

Before the patient left, I advise her again: “Try to rest as much as possible these few days, walk less and remember to take and apply medicine on time. After that, the pain will be a lot relieved.”

Follow-up visit: 25 August 2023

After 2 days, the patient no longer needs crutches to walk, just that she walks slower.

The patient reported knee joint condition improved, walking is not so painful, gastrointestinal function has also improved.

When I checked her knee joint, there is no more inflammation, but still slightly swollen.

This time the patient was treated with Tuina therapy and acupuncture to help relax the knee joint muscles, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and adjust the motion range of knee joint.

The patient felt that walking was much better after treatment.

“Due to your knee joint hasn’t totally recovered yet, I will prescribe Chinese medicine and external patches for you to recover better.”

【Tips to relief knee injuries】

1. Touch the injured area with back of the hand and feel the local skin temperature. If the part feels hot and more painful when touched, you can apply ice water bag for 10-15 minutes to relieve inflammation and pain.

2. When we touch the injured part and feel that the local skin temperature is normal and there is no heat or feels tight, you can apply hot water bag for 10-15 minutes, the temperature is recommended not to exceed 45°C to avoid burns. Hot compress can relax tense muscles and promote blood circulation.

3. After knee joint injury, rest as much as possible, move less and not recommended to stand too long, this will burden the injured part and aggravate the condition.

4. After knee joint injury, it is recommended to wear knee guards, which help to stabilize joint recovery and also reduce the chance of injury.

5. If the pain persists the next day and does not get relieved, please contact a TCM Practitioner who can attend with muscle injuries for examination and treatment, do not delay the treatment time.

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