Patient: 45 years old
Date: 22nd June 2023, First visit
Main issue: Right ear had a sudden loss of hearing function.

During the initial visit, the patient was 22 weeks pregnant. She also diagnosed as gestational diabetes mellitus. Besides, she was found having thrombosis inside the blood vessels hence was prescribed aspirin by gynaecologist.

“Hi TCM Practitioner, my main issue was my right ear which had a sudden loss of hearing function on 6/6/2023. Besides, I encountered tinnitus with buzzing noises. Sound like a cotton stuck inside the ear. Hence, I can hear only high-pitched sound currently.”

“Sorry to hear that, do you faced any problem before the occurrence of sudden loss of hearing, such as flu?”

“One week before the sickness appear, i was suffering from my family issue stress. I had fainted twice recently.”

“I am a lecturer, teach via online classes, love to use on-ear headset from time to time. Ever since I lost my hearing function at my right ear, I had stopping using the headset by now.”

After the detailed elaborations, I decided to give her the acupuncture treatment without oral prescription of the Chinese medicines.

24th June second visit:

Since the treatment made on 2 days ago, the patient started to hear middle-pitched sound yesterday.

Treatment : Acupuncture

29th June Third visit:

This week, the patient was 23 weeks pregnant.

“hi TCM Practitioner, after the past one week acupuncture sessions, my right ear has seem to be improving. I am be able to hear voices from surrounding now, feeling like a piece of thin paper blocked inside the ear. Now, I can hear low-pitched sound.”

Today, patient brought the report of hearing diagnosed from ENT specialist centre. The report showed a tremendous improvement and I can feel that the patient is feeling happy internally. I am feeling comforted for her situation, it was indeed a great news.

Treatment : Acupuncture

2nd July Fourth visit:

The patient is looking optimistic about own improvement in the ear hearing function.

She looks good. The body temperature is not as cold as last time. Her sleep has better improvement.

Poor digestion. Feel comfortable only after hiccups.

Treatment : Acupuncture

6th July Fifth visit:

This week, the patient was 24 weeks pregnant.

Right ear has seemed much improvement. She found that tinnitus with buzzing noises has reduced as well.

She has good appetite, and sleeping well.

Today she feels a little bit dizziness.

Treatment : Acupuncture

Case study analysis:

From the outlook of the patient, tall and slim, we learnt that she is belonging to less vital energy category per theory in TCM. During the first visit, she was 22 weeks pregnant and it was hardly seen the stomach upheave from the first sight. She encountered a sudden loss of hearing function at right ear in early June. One week before the illness attacked, she has suffering from a family issue stress, and fainted twice then. Hence, we understand that this illness is much relevant to emotional feeling.

She is a lecturer who teaches online classes, wears an on-ear headset to communicate with student as her daily working style. With the sudden loss of hearing function, she decided to stop using the headset and hence affecting her career vastly. She attended to us to seek for the resolution.

The ancient script of TCM 《素问·阴阳应象大论》said “Ear is related to kidney.”

In the study of TCM, it says kidney possesses “Jing”, which is an essence or material basis for the physical body. “Jing” will produce liquid such as marrow. Existence of both “Jing” and marrow are contributing a good functioning ear. That is why they said “Ear is related to kidney.” When our hearing function degenerated, indirectly it reveals the deterioration of the kidney, and this has always happened among elderly generation.

This patient is having pregnancy, her “Jing” essence of kidney distributed equally to baby as well; hence a temporary impact of a sudden loss of hearing function has occurred. After the fifth time acupuncture sessions, her hearing intensity has improved to about 70-80% which shows us a positive result.

How to fine tune and maintain wellness?

1. Healthy Dietary maintenance.

The patient’s main issue was related to less vital energy of kidney. Hence, it is suggested to have food to strengthen the energy of the kidney.

Example 1: Gorgon fruit

Gorgon fruit are the ripe seeds of the flowering plant classified in the water lily family Nymphaeaceae. The seeds were collected in late autumn to early winter, they peeled the plant and taken seeds out, then shelled and dried in the sun. Gorgon fruit representing the food source of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals; containing mineral such as calcium, iron, zinc and selenium.

Example 2: Black beans

Black beans are considered nutritional powerhouses that are rich in plant-based protein, fibre and antioxidants that help managing our health. The colour of the bean in black has also belonging to the colour of kidney, hence TCM regarded black bean as essential nutrition profile to nourish and enhance the functionality of kidney.

One of the ancient scripts of TCM herbs 《本草纲目》mentioned: “Chinese Yam is the king of the natural herbal tonic for kidney nourishment and could have it in our daily meal.”

Chestnut is one of the essential foods for kidney nourishment as well. The taste is sweet and regarded as warm food. No poisoning. Chestnut belonged to the meridian of spleen, stomach and kidney according to the categorization.

2. Exercises of acupuncture points on the ears.

Massaging both ears enables the circulation of passageways which energy flowed through.

TCM believed that “Ear is related to kidney.”

Kneading the tip of the ear:

We use the thumb and forefinger to knead the tip of the ear, from soft to hard and stop when we see the tip of the ear turn red. We could repeat the kneading action for 30 times per session.

Kneading the helix of the ear:

We use the thumb and forefinger to knead the helix from top to bottom along the edge until the ear turning red and warming. We could repeat the kneading action for 30 times per session.

Ear passageway exercise:

With the tip of the forefinger moving into the passageway of the ear and rotating it gently, then moving out the forefinger quickly in a second to create the light concussion at the internal of the ears, the effect of this action will help improve the hearing function of the ear.

Ear back massage exercise:

Using the forefinger and middle finger to massage the back part of the ear.

3. Mind recuperation:

The five elements theory in TCM divides human body into five systems. Each system has its own specific features and relying and coordinating on each other and balancing among each other. If the balancing relationship was being destroyed, body intend to fall sick soon. Our organs are co-related to the emotional feeling closely, such as joy, anger, anxiety, sorrow and fear. Kidney is related to fear emotion. When the kidney has nourished with sufficient energy and blood, the fear feeling will disappear and emotion resume peace and calm.

4. Adaption to the temperature of environment.

Patient who has less vital energy due to weakening energy in the organ of kidney need to be precaution when they expose to the cold environment. During the cooling weather, they are recommended to ensure warming protection to the body. During the hot weather, they are advisable to enhance Qi tonification. Due to the hot weather and climate, our pores on the surface of skin keep opening to release oil and sweat. It is also not advisable for them to stay out long in cold cum dampness environment such as camping activities. In additional, direct fan blowing to the body is not encouraged too. If we stay inside the room equipped with air-conditioned, we should be alert to the changes of temperature in and out of the room. If we ignore the Qi tonification, the side effect of exposing the body to the wind and cold might lead to numbness of the limbs and face.

5. Physical Exercises.

We have the phrases in TCM saying “movement lead to production of energy Yang”. If anyone has lack vital energy due to weakening energy in the organ of kidney, he or she has to strengthen the body by doing regular physical exercises. It is recommended to do exercise 1-2 time per day. The type of exercise picked depend on the condition of individual, they may choose exercise such as strolling, jogging, Taiji, Qi Gong, ball games activities and dancing.

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